Finest Lebanese specialities

From appetisers and salads to full meals

Lebanese cuisine is characterised by the use of an exclusive mix of ingredients including garlic, olive oil, chickpeas, yogurt, lemon, mint, fish and lamb. At Meza you will find a wide range of appetisers, salads and meals such as stuffed vine leaves, Sambousik, Fattouche and our renowned Hummus. Have a look at our complete range of delicacies in the attached shopping list. In addition, Meza offers delicious Lebanese Barbecues and unique Lebanese wines.

Lebanese Barbecue

Lebanese Barbecue (10 people)
1 Skewer Kafta
1 Skewer Veal
1 Skewer Shish Taouk
2 Marinated chicken legs
1 lamb chop
Aioli sauce
Lebanese bread
€15,00 p.p.
BBQ Platter
3 Grilled skewers (Kafta, Shish Taouk and/or Veal)
Batata Harra or rice
Salad of your choice
Aioli sauce
Lebanese bread
€15,00 p.p.

Lebanese Wines

Clos St. Thomas
From the Bekaa Valley
Chateau Ksara
From the Bekaa Valley
Chateau Kefraya
From the Bekaa Valley
Chateau Heritage
From the Bekaa Valley
Domaine des Tourelles
From the Bekaa Valley



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